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History of Lodge Ness No. 888

One the 12th day of January 1899 a meeting was held in the Science and Art Rooms of Invergordon Town Hall with a view to erecting a Masonic Lodge in the Town.  The discussions proved to be fruitful and on the 4th May 1899, Lodge Ness No. 888 received its Charter from the Grand Lodge of Scotland.  

On 30th July 1901, the Brethren assembled at the Town Hall and marched through the main thoroughfares of the Town to Outram Street where the new Masonic Hall was consecrated.  

During the War, the Lodge was handed over to the authorities for use as a Military Hospital.  The Brethren duly received a Certificate signed by the Secretary of State for War, the Rt Hon. Winston Churchill. Throughout this period, Lodge Meetings were held in various premises in the Town including the Mission Hall, the Academy and the United Free Church Hall.  

Due to Invergordon’s strategic importance as a Naval base, many Brethren of HM Forces graced the Lodge and introduced many new Brethren into Freemasonry who subsequently carried the name of Lodge Ness throughout the World.  

In recent years, as the influence of the Navy has gradually disappeared, it has been replaced by in influx of workers to the Distilling, Smelting and Oil Industries, many of whom have visited, affiliated to or joined the Lodge and assured that the proud traditions of the Lodge have been maintained.  

As the Lodge moved into the new Millennium it brought the last of the 1900’s to a fitting close with a very moving and joyful Celebration on the 1st May 1999, when the Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason, The Rt Hon. The Lord Burton visited the Lodge to preside over a Ceremony of Rededication celebrating 100 years of Freemasonry  in Invergordon.  

History of Lodge Masters

1899-1900 J. Thomson

1902-1904 J. Robertson

1906-1907 A. W. Brook

1908-1909 J. Sutherland

1910-1911 A. Graham

1913-1914 A. J. Wood

1915-1916 J. Sutherland

1917-1918 J. E. Macdonald

1920-1921 A. Mackay

1924-1925 G. Mackenzie

1927-1929 E. J. Spells

1931-1933 W. H. George

1935-1939 D. J. MacKintosh

1941-1943 D. E. Shaw

1945-1947 D. Mackenzie

1949-1950 A. Macleod

1953-1955 D. Urquhart

1956-1957 J. K. Fraser

1959-1961 D. M. Sellar

1963-1965 J. A. L. Reid

1967-1969 D. McLeod

1971-1972 D. McLeod

1974-1977 D. J. MacLeod

1979-1981 C. J. W. Innes

1983-1985 A. M. Ross

1987-1989 J. G. McFadyen

1991-1993 T. E. Stirling

1995-1997 M. A. M. Devine

1999-2001 J. W. Bell

2003-2004 W. K. T. Lynn

2005-2007 A. Sutherland

2009-2011 C. W. Thomson

2013-2015 G. Hunter

2017-2019 J. Gregg

1900-1902 Cpt. R. M. Macleod

1904-1906 D. A. M. Ross

1907-1908 R. W. Macleod

1909-1910 G. Gordon

1911-1912 J. F. Munro

1914-1915 J. Robertson

1916-1917 A. W. Brook

1918-1920 J. Lawrie

1921-1924 J. F. Munro

1925-1927 E. Clark

1929-1931 D. G. Reid

1931-1935 A. Moir Jnr.

1939-1941 D. Macdonald

1943-1945 A. Graham

1947-1949 W. Macintosh

1951-1953 A. Mackenzie

1955-1956 S. S. MacTaggart

1957-1959 T. A. C. Strachan

1961-1963 W. Ross

1965-1967 G. Innes

1969-1971 J. Forsyth

1972-1974 J. R. Weatherston

1977-1979 A. MacDonald

1981-1983 J. R. S. Mitchell

1985-1987 N. H. Ross

1989-1991 R. J. MacKenzie

1993-1995 L. A. Ross

1997-1999 D. M. Ross

2001-2003 A. A. Dowie

2004-2005 R. M. Brockett

2007-2009 R. W. Morrison

2011-2013 G. G. Forsyth

2015-2017 D. Rodway