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Fund Raising

Fund raising comes in many forms.  Be they an event or donation, direct or indirect,  even by shopping online you can help raise funds.  

Lodge Ness 888 has it’s own Easy Fundraising website designed to reap simple rewards when doing normal shopping from top retailers.  So when shopping for a gift or even a weekly grocery shop, why not give it a try and see how you can increase Lodge funds.  Masonic Lodges operate as charitable organisations, and anything raised will assist it’s continued existence.

Click the link above to see Lodge Ness Easy Fundraising page.  

Perform a simple Retailer search you can find common retailers such as Tesco’s, Amazon etc.  Some top retailers will even offer discounts or one off deals that may not normally be available if you went direct.  

The site also allows for registered followers to keep track of how well the fundraising effort is progressing…

Look in the Events Tab to see more announcements with regards to up and coming events that you can contribute towards.